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simple basics that are comfy under all those layers, yet sexy when the layers come off!

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Stunning navel rings that look fantastic with swim wear.

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When it comes to navel ring fashion, my finger is on the pulse. I've had my belly button pierced for over 20 years and own a leading body jewellery store... I live, love and breath belly button jewellery! So if you're shopping for navel rings, you've come to the right place, this site aims to make it easy for you to decide what belly ring is right for you and to help you understand the pitfalls of cheap jewellery found all over the web.

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Not sure what size navel piercing you have? Or think you might need a custom size small or large belly ring? Visit this size guide chart or view TummyToys unique resizable belly rings collection.

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The best place to find heavily discounted navel rings in Australia is the under $10 bargain bin at The Belly Ring Shop. All of last years designs and clearance items slashed in price.

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