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Find the right belly ring

Finding Quality Belly Rings

There are a lot of belly ring shops on the internet these days and the prices (and quality) can vary extensively. Belly rings are priced from 0.49c to $2000+...but what does it all mean?

Well, with belly rings, like anything else, the old saying applies, "you get what you pay for".

Regardless of whether you have a small or a large budget for jewellery, if you're looking for quality, if you want something that will last the years and you want to save time and money on bad experiences, this is the information that you need to avoid those cheap and nasty pitfalls. »

Cheap Plastic Belly Rings

Plastic and Costume Jewellery

Your cheapest belly rings are the plastic (also known as acrylic) styles. They range anywhere between.022c up to $5 or more depending on the style and the seller. They are colourful, cheap and easy to come by, but they're plastic and only have a small lifespan. Think of them as $2 Shop Bargains.

The next range is the surgical steel costume jewellery belly rings, the stuff most body jewellery stores sell online. Ranging between $5 - $20 these navel rings are crafted using a combination of metals and while they last longer than the plastics, they won't last forever. Many of them are made using metal charms, gold plating and other materials that eventually fade with wear and water exposure.

They come in many styles including long dangles, gold plated and much much more. These are fun to collect at an affordable price, but think of them as "seasonal fashion items" rather than an everyday solution.

Quality Silver Navel Rings

Solid Materials from Solid Brands

When quality matters, you need to buy either solid silver which is priced from $20 - $100 depending on the design, or alternatively, totally spoil yourself and buy solid gold priced somewhere between $100 to $2000 (did someone say diamonds?).

Of course if that's not in the budget, but you want durability there is the basic range of navel jewellery which is the affordable solid surgical steel designs, they're not as fancy as the silver/gold range but very suitable for everyday wear. is a trusted store with a trusted brand - TummyToys®. You'll find over 500 products in all the materials mentioned here and hundreds of designs including the sensational solid silver snap lock belly rings. Operating in Australia since 2008 with a history of testimonials, competitive prices and honest advise. Still got questions? Talk to TummyToys, phone 1300 76 72 70 and shop with confidence.

Buying the right size belly ring
How to measure your navel ring size and where to buy custom lengths

Confused? Who wouldn't be when 14g is actually wider than 16g!

When you get a new navel piercing, you'll most likely (if done professionally) be pierced at a size 14g. This is the width of the hole (not length). If your navel piercing starts to close up over time, perhaps from not wearing any jewellery, you may find that 16g belly rings are all that fit, because the belly bar post is thinner. A 12g navel ring would be suited to someone who's hole has widened or was originally pierced larger.

Then there's the length... When you first get pierced, you'll (hopefully) suit the standard size length of 10mm (3/8") or 11mm. But sometimes that doesn't quite work out. If your navel ring is too tight and pinches your skin, it's too small. You need a longer shaft. Belly bar shafts go up to around 16mm in length. On the other end of the scale, sometimes after children, or with age, your piercing can start to shrink. The skin from hole to hole gets smaller. When this happens, belly ring shafts can be sized down to as short as 6mm.

How do I work out my length?

First visit the size chart here. Then using your current piercing, measure as shown on the size chart and add or subtract the amount of millimeters that your navel ring is either too long or too tight by.

Find a large range of resizable custom belly rings here.

Size Chart Resizable Belly Rings
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